Buying / Selling / Renting

SELLING   As our fees are a flat rate and billed quarterly ahead, there will be no ‘final’ bill. In most cases, the quarterly amount will be prorated and paid by the title company handling the closing. It is usually best NOT to pay your bill if the closing is near the beginning of a quarter. This will avoid a duplicate payment from the title company.  You may notify us by clicking Contact.

CHECK WITH US FIRST !! The property you are selling/buying may have been remodeled without paying Aspen Consolidated Sanitation Permit fees. This is especially true during the 90’s in Knollwood, Mountain Valley and Meadowood subdivisions  (and many small condo remodels).  Fees paid to the City of Aspen do NOT constitute payment to us.  

Permit fees are based on OUR records of existing conditions. If our records do not include additions made during a remodel, fees may become payable when discovered during a building permit application. Please check with us first to avoid unpleasant surprises.

BUYING  Please provide us with the name/entity for the account and a mailing/emailing address. Click on Contact to provide this information. Should you wish to set up an auto-payment, click on “Payment Options”. Transfer of ownership will take place after closing confirmation by the title company.

RENTING – For new leases beginning  April 1, 2017 or later, we will no longer bill to or do administration for tenants.  As our bill is a known flat rate each period, not metered or based on consumption, we recommend including an amount in your rent or consider it part of a security deposit.